Boating Emergencies: Dial *16 (star 16) on your phone, or channel 16 on your marine radio.

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Toronto Search and Rescue - Marine (T-SAR) is a Toronto-based, all-volunteer marine search and rescue unit. Its primary mission is to improve safety in Toronto's waters by helping people in distress and in danger, and preventing loss of life and damage to property, through education and outreach programs.

Toronto Search and Rescue’s objectives are as follows:

  • Save 100% of lives at risk
  • Reduce the number and severity of SAR incidents
  • Promote marine safety and environmental protection, especially among children and youth, via the education system, and adults through public education programs via service clubs, interest groups, power and sail clubs and community events
  • Support the Canadian Coast Guard on a day-to-day basis
  • Create an internship program to support an online academic resource centre, and community events
  • Provide a humanitarian service
  • Host an annual Search and Rescue forum
  • Maintain the highest professional standards
  • Promote dedication and service to our community and all who need us

This mission and these objectives will be achieved by on-water and 24-hour on-call patrol, education and Search and Rescue activities during the boating season, and by community service outreach programs with schools, service clubs and community organizations throughout the year.

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