Boating Emergencies: Dial *16 (star 16) on your phone, or channel 16 on your marine radio.

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Water Safety in Our Schools

Back in our earliest days, T-SAR was doing some of its first work in offering safety training in To

Joint Excercise

A real emergency is the wrong time to be hammering out communication protocols, misunderstanding pr

T-SAR 2's Lost Summer

July 1, 2018 In a search and rescue boat, seaworthiness is key, closely followed by speed. With t

Easter Parade 2018

April 1, 2018 With every polished grommet, and our crew upon it, We had the grandest boat in the

Canada at 150, T-SAR at... not so much.

July 1st... and Canadians rejoiced! The great dominion is 150! As always, we were ready to p

T-SAR Midsummer BBQ

On Wednesday August 9, 2017, T-SAR's directors and crew members gathered in the early even

Easter Parade 2017

April 22, 2017 Easter — it is the season of things rising besides the implications of the ser

Cyber-Surfing for T-SAR

March 6, 2017 While we are about having a real boat, with a good well-trained crew, out accomplis

Life Jacket Year-End Wrap

Feb 15, 2017 In 2016, T-SAR set up five Life Jacket Loaner Booths to help further water safety, b

Taking Notes on 2016

5 February, 2017 Early days still for CGCA Unit 535, but this was our first year of operations an

Taking Stock and Going Forward

July 23, 2016 Sometimes an Annual General Meeting is something to dread: Hours (or days) of dreary

TSAR's Viking Spirit

It might be some atavistic memory, but when a Viking longship hoves into view, some part of you want

A Green Light, Minute and Far Away

December 29, 2015 Fiddler's Green is the mythic destination of mariners and those who l

T-SAR - A Year of Getting our Feet Wet

Dec 19, 2015 December 2015, the days of darkness have closed in, broken by holiday lights, and it i

T-SAR, CPS-ECP, and The Red Cross Pilot a Life Jacket Loaner Program

Sept 14, 2015 It is said that a true friend will lend you the shirt off their back, which is a ni

A Christening in a Cathedral

Sept 1, 2015 Ask anyone who really knows their way on the water; boats and ships have souls and not

Back to School

July 22, 2015 Does any child really pay close attention as the calendar runs down toward


July 5, 2015 In all new beginnings, there is that bright moment when the plane's wheels lift


July 5, 2015 Cicero might have mentioned that the sinews of war are endless money, it would

Easter Parade in Review

April 7, 2015 There is a Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary tradition in some towns of participati

A Moment of Pleasure and Relaxation

February 10, 2015 For the Directors and Honourary Directors of T-SAR, 2014 was a year of signific

It's Official!

February 10, 2015 Derek Cartier and Patrick Curtis cradle a most precious document: As of Novemb

The Lady of Hope

February 7, 2015 Kathryn Langley-Hope receives a Certificate of Achievement from Patrick Curtis a

Debt of Honour

February 7, 2015 Matthew Gaasenbeek's earliest memories come from being a boy in war-time Hol

We're Official!

December 3, 2014 Toronto- Search and Rescue (T-SAR) has a new name; we are now Canadian Coast Guard

"T-SAR 2" Rescue Boat

December 3, 2014 T-SAR has just taken possession of what will be the first centre piece of our growi

T-SAR Thanks Goran Jovanovic!

October 5, 2014 There is an old truism that any group of volunteers, ten percent of the people do ni

Framing "Thanks, Great Job!"

September 18, 2014 T-SAR member Kenneth Armes was thanked by the board of Toronto Search and Rescue

Recruitment for Toronto Search And Rescue

September 13, 2014 T-SAR is currently recruiting for all positions in its SAR operation, and its ed

Sharks in Lake Ontario?

August 11, 2014 Toronto- Search and Rescue (T-SAR) would like to think that its volunteers will be

Summer OPP Stats Showcase Lack of Boater Safety

October 02, 2012   At the end of August the Ontario Provincial Police released their

Visiting Toronto's beaches this summer? Read this first!

The Blue Flag Program is an internationally-recognized environmental monitoring program.  Bl

T-SAR continues educational outreach at Olympic Island

July 23, 2013 Toronto Search And Rescue continued their educational outreach program on the T

Tragedy mars Canada Day Weekend celebrations at Ontario Place

July 2, 2013 A woman drowned in Ontario Place Harbour following an electronic music festiva

T-SAR initiates Water Safety Outreach Program at Balmy Beach School

July 2, 2013 - Toronto Search and Rescue kicked off their water safety outreach program this past

Freelance Article Writers Wanted -- All Languages Welcome (And Encouraged)

Toronto Search and Rescue is looking to publish engaging work from writers that share our commitm

T-SAR Seeks Recruits

Toronto Search and Rescue is seeking motivated and qualified search and rescue volunteers. To appl

Daring Rescue in Toronto Harbour

October 24, 2012   As The Canadian Press first reported, two men were pulled from a

Government-Led Closures of SAR Stations Causes Outrage

September 27, 2012   Political paritsanship and the divide between parties seems to

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