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Summer OPP Stats Showcase Lack of Boater Safety

October 02, 2012


At the end of August the Ontario Provincial Police released their boating enforcement statistics for for the Summer of 2012, and the numbers weren't pretty.

As of August 23rd they had investigated a total of nine fatal boating accidents that featured 10 deaths -- all of them male. 

Other eye-opening and notable numbers include 16 charges made for impaired boating, 347 liquor violations, 461 marine charges for improper safety equipment, and 74 other provincial and federal charges for offences ranging from Fisheries Act violations to littering. 

What this speaks to is an ongoing problem on our Ontario waterways. And with an estimated 200 Canadians dying in boating accidents each year, these numbers won't improve without proper education on water safety -- something that Toronto Search and Rescue is committed to achieving through public education programs and the administration of a safety courtesy check program for vessels on Lake Ontario. 

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