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Recruitment for Toronto Search And Rescue

September 13, 2014

T-SAR is currently recruiting for all positions in its SAR operation, and its educational outreach program.

If you have a sense of duty, loyalty, honour, respect of chain of command and a willingness to give 150 hours per year to a worthwhile cause, we want to meet you.

We will have three primary locations for SAR operations — Ashbridges Bay, Bluffers Park and Humber. You must be able to reach your chosen location within 30 minutes of your home. It will be an asset to have PCOC, ROC-M, First Aid and CPR, and the Toronto Harbour License. Other useful qualifications include MED A3, SVOP, Limited Masters Papers, Rhiot, Command and Leadership skills, and PCCC.

Positions we are looking for are as follows:

  • Deputy Unit Leader for T-SAR
  • Deputy Unit Leader for Training, Administration, Maintenance and SAR Operations
  • Coxswains (Captains) to lead SAR crews for each location listed above.
  • Crew members (deck hands and helmsman) to crew under Coxswains
  • Safety and Prevention Officers to give courtesy checks (PCCC) and deliver water safety presentations.

All applicants will be required to fill out the online application located on our volunteering opportunities page. Applicants will be subject to a reference check and a vulnerable persons background check.

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