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T-SAR Thanks Goran Jovanovic!

October 5, 2014

There is an old truism that any group of volunteers, ten percent of the people do ninety percent of the work. It is also true that if work really needs to be done, it should be given to the busiest woman or man available.

Both adages may not be necessarily true for Toronto Search and Rescue; but Goran Jovanovic has certainly accomplished an enormous amount of work.

For a start, somebody always has to do the unsung hero work of book-keeping and accounting. Goran stepped up to the plate with nary a complaint. Somebody also has to provide the IT infrastructure, and Goran happily wore that hat too. He arranged for and set up free secure cloud communications for T-SAR, provided us discounted phone and e-mail services, and led the team to revive and improve the technological backbone for our website.

On September 17th, T-SAR awarded Jovanovic its second Certificate of Achievement on behalf of the Board in appreciation for much hard work in getting us ready to provide expanded waterfront search and rescue services to the people of Toronto.

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