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Debt of Honour

February 7, 2015

Matthew Gaasenbeek's earliest memories come from being a boy in war-time Holland. After emmigrating to Canada he has had a long, long career as a financial entrepreneur in many Canadian corporations, and one of his central tenets is that he pays his debts with interest... which is why so many organizations have had the benefit of his work and support. One of the many members of the Royal Canadian Military Institute who is involved in T-SAR, he is also an Honourary Colonel and a leading expert on corporate governance.

Colonel Gaasenbeek has been vital in expanding T-SAR from a vision to a very solid reality and we recognize expert help when we receive it. He steered us away from several — mostly — metaphorical rocks and shoals and remains a steadying presence to the bridge crew. Accordingly, Matthew was a recepient of our Certificate of Achievement at the T-SAR Christmas party with the grateful thanks from all in the organization who know him.

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