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The Lady of Hope

February 7, 2015

Kathryn Langley-Hope receives a Certificate of Achievement from Patrick Curtis at the T-SAR Christmas Party in December 2014. Kathryn is an Honourary Director and Patron of T-SAR, and her advice is as appreciated as her generosity in helping the organization through its critical stages as it creates Canada's newest Coast Guard Auxiliary unit. In a world where too many people are described as 'community activists' Kathryn is the real deal... investing her time, labours, and experience as readily as anything else in service to the community.

In the coming months as we tackle the challenges of getting trained volunteers onto the water in ready boats, and in providing for fuel, equipment and other necessaries; Kathryn's continued input and support will be as much of a life-saver as anything else we can muster.

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