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Easter Parade in Review

April 7, 2015

There is a Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary tradition in some towns of participating in Easter Parades... and despite our new appearance, who were we to say 'no' to the kind offer from the Lions Club for their annual Toronto-Beaches parade? Besides, rumour has it that Derek, our Commander Officer, loves to hand out chocolate on public occasions.

Thanks to Rattler Towing, we had the use of a trailer sturdy enough to pull T-SAR 2 through the streets; and thanks to the efforts of Donny, Keith, Remy, Rob, and Rory, at Outer Harbour Marina, our boat and trailer were all hitched up. JJ Long and John from Boom Imaging slapped on the boat decals with their customary skill and precision, while Erin, Daniel, Alan and Lance helped make T-SAR 2 look as spiffy as she deserves to be.

Fortified by an impressive breakfast provided by our detachment commander's wife and mother, our volunteers Adrian, Christine, Erin, Jeff and Peter paraded with the boat. Derek donned a survival suit.... although he assured us that this was to show the public what one looked like, there was a widespread suspicion that this was just to stay toasty warm on a cool day. As it turned out, far more in the way of CCGA brochures and 'Bobby the Safety Boat' decals were handed out during the parade than anything else.

Being new to the business, T-SAR also owes a "Thanks" to Scott Johnston and Shannon Laird from CCGA Central and Arctic District 1 for their patience and guidance thus far.

Now that Easter has come and gone, the boating season is coming ever closer and TSAR-2 has business to attend to on Lake Ontario. We've shown ourselves to the public and now duty awaits.

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