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July 5, 2015

Cicero might have mentioned that the sinews of war are endless money, it would seem the sinews of search and rescue is endless gratitude. T-SAR 2 is now out on the water, and within a few short weeks of receiving its full rating as a SAR boat ready to handle tasks sent by JRCC Trenton. There are many people to thank in these last few months.

A boat needs a thousand little items from anchors to cleats to ropes to shackles and so much more. There are the folks at the Rigging Shoppe in Scarborough, Nats Marine in Pickering and Inland Marine Canada who made good on so many of our wants. Boats should carry first aid gear, but we need material of a higher grade — and Sands Canada helped out with an oxygen tank, backboard and more.

Your average fairweather boater may content himself with dockers and khakis (and we trust, a good quality life-jacket). Our crews have a reasonable expectation of being out on the water in the foulest weather... and having to stay there. Uniforms and emergency wear gear for both fair and foul weather also came from Starfield-Lion Company and Canadian Emergency Supply and Trianing.

They also serve who stay in the office and look after T-SAR's administration and fundraising (no idle task these days!) — and Ports Toronto came through for us handsomely with office space in their own headquarters. We are especially grateful to the generosity of Geoffrey A. Wilson, President and CEO of Ports Toronto and Mary Perisic, Manager of Office Services.

The folks at Ports Toronto, under the guidance and watchful eye of Harbour Master Angus Armstrong, also provided us winter storage and a work area for our rescue boat, while the Cathedral Bluffs Yacht Club and the Navy League generously provided docking space and facilities in the nick of time, after failed negotiations with the City of Toronto Waterfront Parks.

We have had much to be grateful for, and soon we expect to start earning the generosity invested in us. Once T-SAR 2 gets down to serious business, there will be a lot of people responsble for any success we achieve.

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