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A Christening in a Cathedral

Sept 1, 2015

Ask anyone who really knows their way on the water; boats and ships have souls and nothing that goes out on great waters is truly whole until it is christened. TSAR-2 has been properly anointed and the volunteer crews of Toronto's Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary (CCGA) detachment can now safely entrust themselves to her when about their duties.

It seemed wholly appropriate to see to the ceremony at Cathedral Bluffs Yacht Club, which has generously provided a berthing space and allowed us to use their second floor facilities for the gathering and a luncheon.

A bottle of Vieux Clicquot was properly broken on TSAR-2's bow by crewmember Ivan Simokovic and Councillor Gary Crawford and the vessel is now complete in all respects — material and spiritual — for whatever business awaits her.

Among the luminaries at the christening were Rob Blagojevic of Franklin Templeton — a generous supporter of T-SAR and our purposes, and Petr Jano, the Commanding Officer of our unit. The City of Toronto was represented by Councillor Gary Crawford (Scarborough South East), and the Cathedral Bluffs Yacht Club's Commodore, Tony Haslam, was as ever a most gracious host.

The officer in charge of CCGA District One, Scott Johnston, also welcomed the new boat and fully qualified crew to the fold. He can't promise that TSAR-2 will be busy, but we can promise to strive to achieve whatever is asked of us.

The christening of T-SAR 2 was also supported by the Canadian Coast Guard and the crew of their boat Thunder Cape.

The Board members of Toronto Search and Rescue have reason to be pleased with their work thus far, but Toronto has a big waterfront and more boats and crews will be needed. Perhaps we can work up another Christening ceremony next year?

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