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Cyber-Surfing for T-SAR

March 6, 2017

While we are about having a real boat, with a good well-trained crew, out accomplishing real deeds... these days you simply must have a virtual presence too.

For T-SAR, that virtual presence is handled by the dexterous digits of Jeff Gauld. Jeff brought us back onto Twitter and Facebook after a three year absence from the Social Media world and buffed up our image considerably. 58 Posts (substantial ones too, no OMG, ROFL drivel for us!) in six months brought our Followers up to 121 from the old ‘high’ of 58; and he amassed 680 ‘Likes’. This, of course, led to recruiting inquiries, answered numerous questions about T-SAR and our work, and gave us a stronger profile than we've ever had before.

Of course, in an all-volunteer... er, mostly volunteer, ah... well anyway, the reward for good work is... [drum roll please], more work! However, the difference between good people and okay people is that the good ones actually volunteer to do it with panache and enthusiasm!

Jeff assures us we're going to Tweet and Post even more in 2017, draw more supporters, and more ‘likes’ and otherwise make us something to be reckoned with on Social Media. There is no such thing as ‘virtual drowning’ (yet), but Jeff's work is helping us make even more of a contribution to water safety. His zeal has been inspiring, so it is with regret but best wishes that we bid him adieu as he leaves us for the more pressing role of Daddy as he anxiously awaits the arrival of his first newborn child who we are sure will one day be a fire fighter and SAR-tech just like his Dad! We wish you all the best Jeff!

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