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Taking Notes on 2016

5 February, 2017

Early days still for CGCA Unit 535, but this was our first year of operations and we have reason to be satisfied with progress thus far.

TSAR-2 dashed away from her dock and spent 23 hours out on the lake in response to 7 taskings from May to October. She also spent 66 hours on the water in training exercises — for a total of 89 hours logged in from May to October. When given a real task, we're pleased to report it took an average of 8 minutes and 26┬áseconds before we slipped our moorings and throttled up.

Three of the Search and Rescue taskings occurred outside of our usual Wednesday training days, and — even given Toronto traffic — we always got TSAR-2 out within 30 minutes. The taskings are genuine SAR work, and some of it took place at night in freezing weather and three metre waves in concert with other units and search aircraft out of Trenton. We'll say no more about those, it's not our place to say who we were looking for and what became of them.

However, it is our place to say that we take everyone's water safety very seriously. Other items of a less grim nature for TSAR-2 included the training of six new members of the detachment; training with the Vanguard Sea Cadets, and taking kids out for ‘ride-alongs’ as part of training them on the rules of the lake and on boat safety gear.

The warm weather for 2017 is coming, and we've got more crew, more experience, and more work to do. Your support for our training and duties is always welcome!

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