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Easter Parade 2017

April 22, 2017

Easter — it is the season of things rising besides the implications of the service in churches: Trilliums and crocuses are rising out in the woods, dandilions are rising on lawns, sparrows and robins are rising with the dawn and singing their little hearts out. There are also the rising expectations of boaters of another glorious summer out on the water.

T-SAR has rising expectations too, and where better to show it than at the Beaches Easter Parade? Our boat looked splendid, even if it was out of water for the winter. Kudos to Alan Banks and his cohort for getting T-SAR 2 to look so darn good. Likewise to Terry Butler for driving her on land without a hitch... er, so to speak.

Always ready to stick our oars in where preaching water-safety is concerned, our "Easter Choir" flanked T-SAR 2 and conveyed the good word to the crowds on the parade route, handing out over 1,200 freshly printed brochures. Front and centre were Patrick Curtis, pamphleteer extraordinaire; Derek Cartier (whose family hosted the crew to another sumptuous brunch ere they set forth), and Christian Rodway, Luis D' Agosto, Niels Christensen, Brandon Bartraw and Adrian Award.

Our brochure couldn't have been completed without the extraordinary effort of many on the board, especially our resident marketing and branding expert, Mike Sundell. Now that Spring has truely sprung, there is still work to do, but we will be out on the Lake, ready as ever for whatever search and rescue tasks come our way.

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