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T-SAR Midsummer BBQ

On Wednesday August 9, 2017, T-SAR's directors and crew members gathered in the early evening outside the Navy League Club at Toronto's Ashbridges Bay, on the waterfront in the east end of Toronto, for a midsummer gathering and BBQ. The event, which occurred beneath a clear blue sky, with the setting sun casting a warm golden glow over all, was an opportunity for T-SAR crew members and directors to get to know one another better in a relaxed environment and to further build camaraderie.

It was also an opportunity to celebrate T-SAR's summer accomplishments, including significant upgrades to the search and rescue boat (T-SAR 2) and a very successful lifejacket loaner program during the Redpath Waterfront Festival in July. Prizes were awarded to many deserving members and good fun was had by all present.

Auspiciously, the meeting was visited by a curious raccoon, no doubt attracted by the delicious smell of chicken and vegetable kabobs grilling on the BBQ under the expert hand of Coxswain Ivan, a man of many talents. We all enjoyed watching our friend the raccoon carefully let it be known that he was also there for the party!

Members were thrilled to learn that Honda Canada had agreed to donate two brand new 250 horsepower engines to T-SAR 2, as part of their corporate strategy to outfit all Search and Rescue vessels on Lake Ontario with top of the line, reliable Honda engines. We are extremely grateful to Honda for their very generous support of our organization!

It was a wonderful evening and another milestone in the journey for Toronto Search and Rescue – Marine.

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