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Easter Parade 2018

April 1, 2018

With every polished grommet, and our crew upon it, We had the grandest boat in the Easter parade. T-SAR was all in clover, when our neighbours looked us over, The proudest people in the Easter Parade. On Queen Street, old Queen Street, the photographers snapped us, And our boat crew’s day was made. Oh, I could write a sonnet about our boat upon it, and T-SAR’s lovely lines upon the Easter Parade.

Kudos to Michael, Miles, Alan and Glenn for removing T-SAR 2 from her winter coat and getting her all nice and shiny before the parade.

The April 1st, 2018 Easter Parade in the Toronto Beaches neighbourhood down old Queen Street is an old tradition, and one T-SAR has been involved in for five years now. An estimated 50,000 people lined the streets. Oh, sure, it’s a big parade… but in their hearts, our volunteers knew why everyone was really there!

Our vessel is mounted on a trailer at her place of winter storage, cleaned up and a number of our trained personnel crew the boat for the parade, where other members of T-SAR parade with it.

Afterwards, we took our rescue boat down straight to the lakeshore, and let her hull into the water once more. It was a nice way to begin the 2018 boating season. Before April was over, T-SAR 2 went on three rescues (two on the same day!) and participated in a major training exercise.

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