Boating Emergencies: Dial *16 (star 16) on your phone, or channel 16 on your marine radio.

Kids Corner

A focus on children and the community is integral to the Toronto Search and Rescue communications strategy. We are constantly engaged in reaching out to partners with areas of expertise related to education and the environment in order to deliver programs to the community and help keep our children safe and informed.

Where possible, utilization of the boat will be encouraged to add excitement for the children and the community. A tour of the vessel will be made available at every opportunity. Targeted community events for 2013 are expected to include:

1. Fishing Day (Centre Island)

2. Fishing Day (High Park)

3. Presentation to Adam Beck Public School

4. Presentation to Balmy Beach Public School (Completed)

5. Toronto International Boat Show

6. Toronto Parks and Recreation children’s event

7. Variety Village children’s event

8. Spring Fishing and Boat Show

9. Presentation to Ashbridges Bay Yacht Club children members

10. Presentation to the RCYC children members

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