Boating Emergencies: Dial *16 (star 16) on your phone, or channel 16 on your marine radio.

Become a Volunteer

Toronto Search and Rescue is looking for qualified and capable volunteers to assist in our daily operations.

The following positions are currently available

On the water:

  • Deputy Commander
  • Coxswains (Captain)
  • Crewmembers (Helmsmen, Radio Officers, Deckhands)

On land:

  • Interns
  • Safe Boating Officers
  • Public Affairs Officers
  • Fundraisers

(All SAR volunteers will have to pass a police background check, as well as a fitness test)

If you are intererested, please fill out the form below. And if you have any further questions, you may reach us by the Contact Us form on the main page (don't forget to leave your email), or by phone at 416-862-SAFE (7233). 

Toronto Search and Rescue — Volunteer Application

Why do you want to serve as a volunteer? And how do you hope to benefit from this potential opportunity? (Be thorough.)

What is your past experience in the Search and Rescue community, or a related field? (Military, Police, etc.)

Do you have any physical impairment, or medical condition that warrants disclosure?

If selected, how many hours a month will you have to volunteer? (Please check the most accurate option)

In order to be a Toronto Search and Rescue Volunteer, one must be up to date with the following certifications. (Please stipulate which certifications you currently hold in the appropriate spaces that are available. If you do not have the required qualifications, please stipulate the reason as to why.)

PCOC - Pleasure Craft Operator Card (Boating License)

ROC-M - Restricted Operator’s Certificate (Maritime) Radio License

SAR - Search and Rescue CCGA

First Aid and CPR - St John’s Ambulance (Marine Level)

T-SAR Coxswain’s must possess a higher level of competency. The list of requirements for T-SAR Coxswain’s are as follows:

Toronto Harbour License

Transport Canada courses:

MED A3 - Marine Emergency Duties

SVOP - Small Vessel Operator Proficiency

Limited Masters Papers

RHIOT - To operate a rigid inflatable boat

Command and Leadership

PCCC - Pleasure Craft Courtesy Check

Finally, please speak to any special skills, awards, or qualifications from past employment that will assist us in making our decision:

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